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Shade Tolerant Hardy Aquatic Plants

Don't despair if your pond is in partial sun or even full shade. You can still grow many lovely aquatic plants. Most marginal plants can actually be grown in partial sun. Water lilies will also grow in partial sun, however, not all of them will bloom. If your pond is in full shade, you're somewhat more limited to stocking your pond with marginal plants, floating plants, and oxygenating/submerged plants.

Appreciate a flowerless water garden for its' own merits. Enjoy your water lily for its' attractive leaves, its' ability to provide shade for fish and resting spots for frogs, and the interesting patterns it creates on the water surface. Planting a bog garden can be another alternative that incorporates the use of shade-tolerant, water-loving plants.

This list is not all inclusive.
S = suitable for small pond
M = suitable for medium pond
L = suitable for large pond
Any = suitable for any size pond
* = Plants currently available at Totalily Water Gardens

Hardy Water Lilies
*Arc-en-Ciel - Pink mottled leaves (M-L) (Best)
*Attraction - Red (M-L)
Aurora - Yellow/Red (S-M)
*Barbara Dobbins - Peach (L)
Berit Strawn - Red/Cream (S-M)
*Charlene Strawn - Yellow (M-L)
Charlie's Choice - Apricot/Yellow (S-M)
*Chromatella - Yellow (S-M)
Chrysantha - Orange (S)
Clyde Ikins - Peach (M)
Colorado - Peach/Salmon tones (M)
Comanche - Yellow/Bronze (M-L)
*Denver - White (M)
Escarboucle - Vivid Red (M-L)
Fabiola - Pink (M-L)
*Froebeli - Wine Red (S)
Giverny Red - Red (M)
Gloriosa - Red (S-M)
Graziella - Orange (S)
Gypsy - Deep Rose (S)
Hal Miller - White (M-L)
Helvola - Yellow (S)
*Hermine - White (S)
*Indiana - Red/Cream (S)
Inner Light - Yellow (M)
*James Brydon - Red (S-M)
Joey Tomocik - Yellow (M-L)
Laydeckeri purperata - Red (Any)
Lemon Chiffon - Yellow (M-L)
Little Sue - Peach/Orange (S)
Lucida - Hot Pink (L)
Marliac Carnea - Pink (Any)
Masaniello - Rose Pink (M)
Mayla - Fuschia (L)
Mexicana - Yellow (S-M)
Paul Harriott - Orange/Red (S)
Peace Lily - Pink/White/Yellow (M)
Peach Glow - Peach/Orange (M)
*Pink Grapefruit - Yellow/Pink (M-L)
Pink Sparkle - Light Pink (S)
*Red Spider - Red (S)
Reflected Flame - Strawberry (M)
Rembrandt - Pink/Red (L)
Rose Laydekeri - Light Pink (S)
Sioux - Yellow/Orange (M-L)
Sirius - Red (M)
Solfatare - Yellow/Pink (S)
Splendida - Red (M)
Star Bright - Pink/White (M)
Sunrise - Yellow (M-L)
Texas Dawn - Yellow (M)
Vesuve - Dark Red (Any )
Virginalis - White (M-L)
Walter Pagels - White (S)

Lotus (part shade of ~4 hours)
Angel Wings - White (S)
Hindu - Light Pink (L)

Hardy Marginals
*Aquatic Mint
*Arrow Arum
*Arrowhead (Blooming Baby)
*Blue & Yellow Flag Iris
Blue Lobelia - Likes partial shade
Butter Burr
*Cardinal Flower - Likes partial shade
Cattail - Full shade
    *Narrow Leaf
*Corkscrew Rush
Creeping Jenny
Dwarf Bamboo
Dwarf Horsetail Rush
Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag
Flowering Rush
Four Leaf Water Clover
Golden Club - Full shade
Golden Lanterns
Horsetail Rush
*Houttuynia (Chameleon Plant)
*Lizard's Tail - Full shade
*Louisiana Iris
*Marsh Marigold
Melon Sword
*Narrow Leaf Arrowhead
*Parrot Feather
*Pickerel Rush
Primrose Creeper
Red Stemmed Lizard's Tail
Red Stemmed Sagittaria
*Sagittaria 'Crushed Ice'
Skunk Cabbage
Spike Rush
Square Rush
*Sweet Flag
Tufts of Gold
*Variegated Dwarf Common Reed
*Variegated Manna Grass
Variegated Rush
Variegated Soft Rush
*Variegated Sweet Flag
*Variegated Water Celery
Variegated Water Clover
Water Clover
*Water Forget-Me-Not
*Water Hawthorne - Full shade, cool water
Water Pennywort
*White Bulrush
White Monkey Flower
*Zebra Rush

Floating Plants
*Fairy Moss (Azolla - tropical plant)
*Water Hyacinth
*Water Lettuce

Oxygenating/Submerged Plants
*Anacharis - Full shade
Curly Pondweed - Full shade
*Fanwort - Full shade
Foxtail - Full shade
Hornwort (Ceratophylum demersum) - Full shade
Mermaid's Fan
White Water Buttercup

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